Phase 4 Design is dedicated to the support of the Telex Radio Dispatch System. In order to do that we design and build custom interface adaptor cables and radio enclosures for our customers. Several of our designs have been standardized and are offered for sale below. If you don't see what you need, please call us, we would be happy to work with you to produce a custom solution.


IP-223 to IP-224 Upgrade Adaptor

The IP-223 to IP-224 Upgrade Adaptor is used to quickly upgrade an IP-223 to an IP-224 without changing the radio interface cables or building custom wiring. This adaptor has a DB37M on one end that connects to the IP-224, the other end has DB25F and DB9F connectors that mate directly into the existing radio interface wiring.

Using this cable allows an inplace IP-223 to IP-224 upgrade to be done in minutes without any changes to the radio interface cables. Just mount the IP-224, connect the cables and set levels, that is it!

If the IP-223 going End of Life is requiring you to upgrade your IP-223s to IP-224s and you don't need to change any radio interface wiring, this is just the thing for you.

By using the IP-223 to IP-224 Upgrade Adaptor to do an inplace upgrade to an IP-224, your system is back online quickly with no surprises. This gives you time to design and build any new radio interfaces as you upgrade your radio system.

Cost: USD$ 145.00 ea plus S&H

Do you need more than 5 cables, contact us for discount pricing.


IP-223 to XPR Radio Adaptor

The IP-223 to XPR Radio Adaptor is used to easily connect an IP-223 to an XPR style radio via the rear 26-pin accessory connector. This cable is also available for IP-224 with a DB-37 connector.

This interface cable provides the essential transmit audio, receive audio and Push To Talk signals to the radio. The cable install guide includes an IP-223 alignment procedure as well as suggested levels and configuration.

Standard length is 6 feet. Contact us for custom configurations.

Cost: USD$ 145.00 ea plus S&H

We also have a multi-frequency version available on special order.

Do you need more than 5 cables, contact us for discount pricing.



“OptionCalc” is a tool for reporting on, and generating leveling actions for “Options” . This tool has the ability to show Detail or Summary information on the distribution of Options by Stock, Broker ID, Client Account Number, Option Name and Option expiration date. The Uncovered Shares Report will show which accounts have blocks of 100 shares against which Call Options can be sold. Each of these reports shows a summary total at the end of the report. The Detailed Report, Summary Report and Uncovered Shares Report display Total Shares, Total by Option and Covered Shares. In addition, the Detailed Report and Uncovered Shares Report display Optionable Shares and Available Options. All of these reports are subject to filtering based on Option Name, Option Year, Option Type, Broker ID and Account Type.

For more information, call 425.402.7308.



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