Phase 4 Design has been providing 24/7 support for Server and Network Systems in the greater Pacific Northwest for over 25 years. We have recognized that the same kind of service is needed for the users of TELEX RADIO DISPATCH Products.

If you have a TELEX RADIO DISPATCH based RoIP Dispatch System, Phase 4 Design can help!

Please call 425.402.7308 for more information on how we can help with your existing or planned RoIP disptach system install or upgrade.

2-Day On-Line RoIP Integration Boot Camp now available, click here for details!

RealTime Remote Support now Available for your Telex RoIP System!

Through the use of new advanced conferencing and remote pc control software, Phase 4 Design now has the ability to join your design meetings, troubleshooting sessions or even take control of your Telex C-Soft Console to do updates and repair remotely and in real time! Contact us at 425-402-7308x1 or for more information.



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